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8 Umbrellas for Kids to make this Monsoons Fun [2020]

Umbrellas for kids will be a fun shopping experience for you. Nobody enjoys the monsoons more than the kids. They just know how to go out there and have fun. We grown ups keep thinking about how we may get wet, how the clothes won’t dry or how we may get sick. Kids don’t give a damn about all this. They see the rains and they want to go out and enjoy them. I wish all adults could retain this child within them.

Anyhow, you can’t let the kids get wet all the time. Especially when they are off to school, you have to keep them dry. But, they are not very good with umbrellas. Holding them up when it rains, making sure they get the umbrellas back from school are the challenges. But that’s because we are thrusting a boring umbrella on the kid. If we make the umbrella interesting, like one of their toys, they will keep track of it. Here are 10 fun umbrellas for this monsoon.

1. The Hat Umbrella

hat umbrella for kids

Wow, how cool. This umbrella does not need to be held by the kids. They can just wear it on their head and go about their day. It’s also pretty unique and comes in great colours, so your child is not going to forget it here and there. Its a fun little thing that will become their toy. The canopy size is just enough to cover a child, probably a bit small for an adult.

The fun part is that this umbrella is totally hands free for your child. Once you put it on the head, you can be sure that it will be on their head for a long time. Only downside is that it may come off in heavy winds, but then its not that complicated to put back on. You toddler should be able to figure that out.

The Tweety Umbrella with Ears

The kids love their animals. This umbrella for kids takes them to that world with a large bird design on it and nice big visible ears. Get this one as see them posing around for selfies for sure. A trick to make them care for it is to make them give the umbrella a name. If they wall it tweety-pie or something, it becomes their friend and they will never lose it.

Fruit Umbrellas for Kids

watermelon umbrella for kids

Another favourite of my son is the fruit, especially watermelon. To make them interesting, umbrella makers have printed various fruit patterns on their umbrellas. My personal favourite is watermelon, but kiwi is also popular. This one will surely bring a twinkle in the eye of your little one.

The Monkey Umbrella

It does not get cuter than this. This is an umbrella for kids with a cute monkey with ears eating a banana. In the background are banana trees with bananas hanging over. This will make your kids enjoy the rains a tiny extra bit. The handle of the umbrella is yellow in colour to match the banana print. Little boys are going to love it and your Instagram will go crazy.

Fairytale Princess Umbrella for your Little Princess

This one is magical, adorable and exquisite., just like your little princess. All the barbie dolls are flaunted in full glory when the umbrella is opened. The build quality is sturdy and capable of withstanding strong winds with an 8 rib frame. Moreover, each of them is wearing a unique outfit with different colours. Kids love vibrant colours, especially baby girls. Get this one for your daughter and you will get browny points all through the monsoons. Are you reading, dads!

This also makes for an ideal gift you are going to attend a birthday party of a cute little girl who was born in the monsoon season. She will always remember you with a smile.

UFO Umbrella with Duck Design Head

Oh my god, this makes it a notch up. This special design of the umbrella is called UFO because it looks like one. The wearable hood goes on the head and the canopy of the umbrella rests on the child’s shoulders. This biggest advantage of this design is that its totally hands free for your child. He/she does not need to mind the umbrella at all, can just run about and enjoy. Easy to wear and easy to even pack, it folds into a small pouch when not being used.

This umbrella for kids comes in various designs, but my favourite one is the duck cutout on the hood. Since it comes in vibrant yellow colour and is suitable for boys as well as girls. You can never go wrong with ducks for your little boys and girls. This is a must buy.

Avengers Umbrella

How can we write about kids and not mention the Avengers? In fact, this one might have some grown-up fans also.

Having the Avengers protecting you from the rain is not the only cool part of this umbrella. The no-pinch design is specially made for kids. While opening and closing, this one will never pinch the tender fingers of your little one.

Animal Zoo on an Umbrellas for Kids

Animal zoo umbrella for kids

We’ve spoken about umbrellas for kids with dinosaurs and animals, but this one is special for its design. It has zebras and giraffes and ladybugs and butterflies. It is sure you going to bring a smile to your little munchkin and the Animal Zoo umbrella will certainly not be forgotten. The design is not the only reason to buy this umbrella. It comes with a UV protection layer, so this one can double up in the summers for protection from the sun. The umbrella comes with a nice little pouch in which you can pack it and dunk it in your handbag without worrying about it getting wet.

Let the Children Enjoy the Rains

Before we close, I must say that as parents we tell the kids NOT to do many things. Once in a while, we should let them be kids and enjoy. So this monsoon, get them a good umbrella, boots and raincoat and let them enjoy in the rains. these are the memories they will have years from now.

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