Best Car Umbrella in India

Which is the Best Car Umbrella in India? It’s not Lanmodo

Trying to find the best car umbrella in India? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve studied the car umbrella’s available in India closely and will present to you the best option based on our analysis.

Quick Summary
Best Car umbrella in India is “The Metallic Lamination Car Umbrella“. Its a great price for good quality. It has all the necessary features and the winning combination of review count and quality. See all car umbrellas in India.
If you are looking for regular rain umbrellas to be used while getting in an out of your car, then our inverted umbrella review might be of help

What is a Car Umbrella & Why do you need it?

Best car umbrella in India

For people who really love and care for their cars, it is a revolutionary product. It is a tent like umbrella that you can fix on your car while it is parked in the open. It snaps on to the car pretty easily and can be removed easily either by a suction mechanism or some other design.

There are 2 main advantages why people love a car umbrella:

  • Protections from Rain & Dust – Indian cities have a lot of pollution which causes acid rain which can damage your car, specifically the paint. Also, there is a lot of dust due to construction. Nobody likes to walk to their car after a hard day at the office to realize that it is covered with dust and you have to spend 10 mins dusting it.
  • Keeping the Parked Car Cooler – And well, most of India has a pretty harsh summer with temperatures crossing 40 degrees. If you park your car even for 2 hours in this heat, the car hots us. When you enter the car its like a hot oven. Some studies suggest that breathing the air inside this heated car can be a cause for cancer. The Car Umbrella keeps your car much cooler when parked in the sun.
  • Turn Heads: Well, this is only an advantage for some. But, when you have this car umbrella on your car, people will notice.

How We Chose the Best Car Umbrella in India?

First off, let us say that there are very few car umbrellas available in India at the point of this writing (in May 2019). As and when more products enter the market, we will be updating this page to include those.

Our criteria for choosing the best car umbrella in India were the following:

  • Price Range – Look, India is a price sensitive market. We saw products in the Rs. 7,000 to 10,000 range which we thought was the most suitable range. There are some products that are available in the Rs. 20,000 to 25,000 range with some extra features like remote control, but we feel that this price range is a bit excessive for the car umbrella functionality.
  • Ease of Installation & Removal – Let’s face it, if you are going to spend even 10 minutes every day putting this car umbrella on your car and then removing it before driving off, you will stop using it after a few weeks. So, we looked at products which are very easy to put up and easy to remove. The manufacturers claim that it takes 30 secs, but we’ve seen that it might take 2 mins. Basically its a quick walk on both sides of your car to fix the straps, and rest is easy.
  • Anti-Theft Design – So, this thing is hoisted on top of your car and it’s big. In India, some smart ass if going to try and steal it. Hence, we selected the products which have an anti-theft design. The straps of the umbrella go inside your car and if the car is locked it is very hard to steal these things. Unless the thief just cuts the straps, but then the car umbrella is of not much use to the thief either.
  • Size of the Car Umbrella – Not too small such that it covers a sedan or an SUV with ease, not too big such that it does not take too much space in your trunk
  • Positive Reviews and Popularity – In the end, we selected a product which has good number of reviews on Amazon India so that we know that it has been tried by enough number of Indian customers and they’v found it valuable.

Rank #1: The Metal Lamination Car Shield

Best Car Umbrella in India

The winning product is the car umbrella by “The Metal Lamination” brand and it won unanimously. Here are some of the reasons why it wins

  • At around Rs. 7,000, the price is affordable and the product quality has also not been compromised to make it cheap
  • The car umbrella is easy to install and take-off. Might take you all of 2 mins.
  • It is anti-theft.
  • The most important reason is that it had the best and the highest number of reviews on Amazon. We read through all the reviews carefully to make sure that they were not fake. Customers were so delighted that many of them have put their own pictures of the car umbrella on their own cars.
customer photos of the best car umbrella in India
customer photos of the best car umbrella in india

No Further Ranking at this point

We are not publishing any further ranking at this point since the car umbrella is very new to the Indian market and we’ve not seen any proven use of other products. We do not want to recommend somewhere where our readers have a bad experience. If in the future, other products gains a strong-hold in this space, we will certainly update the page. You can use the following link to see all the car umbrellas available in India

Should you buy Lanmodo Car Umbrella in India?

Short answer is NO, it does not make sense. I agree that Lanmodo is the world leader in car umbrellas, but I have some good reasons for recommending against going in for this specific product.

  • It’s Price is High – You are getting perfectly find car umbrellas in the 7-8K range. I don’t see a point buying Lanmodo for 20K.
  • Not Available on Amazon – I am not saying this because I make commissions from Amazon (I get so much traffic on this page, I could get Landmodo to commission me directly). Not available on Amazon means it might not get to you fast enough, paying for it is tough and what about returns if it does not work out. Lanmodo is right now being sold by some people via Indiamart. Not a good buying experience
  • Its Automatic – Normally, that would be an advantage, but not in this case. Automatic means that it could break down. Who will fix it? Also, the automatic part makes it super expensive.
  • Who Wants to Charge an Umbrella – This damn thing has a battery that needs to be charged. The auto-close functionality comes at the hassle of you needing charge the car umbrella. And you have to charge it more often than you might think.
  • No Service Network – I tried to do some calling about this to find out. I could not find one source which could service the Landmodo car umbrella. I don’t want to be stuck in a situation where I buy this and don’t use it for a small glitch/

All Car Umbrellas in India

Pair with Car Sun Shade on Windshield for Ultimate Cooling

It is already established that a car umbrella can bring down the temperature of your car when it is parked in the sun. If you pair it with a car sun shade that covers your windshield, you will get very good cooling effect when you car is parked.

While parked, the car heats up in two ways – from the sun heating the roof and from the sun rays entering via the windshield. The car umbrella effectively manages the first reason. For tackling the sun rays coming in from the windshield, car sun shade is a great option.

Best Car Sun Shade in India to keep your Car Cool

From our research, we find that the best car sun shade available in India is the AmazonBasics Car Windshield Sun Shade which covers your car well. Here are some key points that make this a great buy.

  • Comes in three sizes, so you can choose which one is best for your car
  • Highly reflective fibre helps in bouncing off most of the sun’s rays out of your car
  • Light weight and Durable – The light weight makes it easy for anyone to install on the windshield. You don’t want a very unwieldy car sun shade which a woman driver cannot install
  • Easily folds & fits into a storage bag provided with the product so that you can store it when not in use
  • Comes with 1 year Warranty – Most other products in this category are local or China made and not backed by a good company. So, its almost like buying them at the traffic signal. But, this product comes with a 1 year warranty offered by Amazon (earth’s most customer centric company)

Check Latest Price on Amazon

One more aspect of this product that I must mention. You have to see the image below. This is how your car looks from inside when you put this cover. It could be burning hot outside, but inside your car will remain cool with this car sun shade and a car umbrella combination.

Keep your Car Cool

I hope you’ve realized that with these amazing products, its pretty easy to keep your car cool and safe in the harsh, hot climate of India. I believe that these products will get cheaper in time and improve in quality and features. But, for that to happen, more and more people have to adopt them. I hope you do adopt them.

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