Best Hands Free Umbrella India

Best Hands Free Umbrella India – Expert Review [2020]

Looking for the best hands free umbrella India? You have come to the right place. As a saying known for long years “Weather protection is not a luxury. It is a necessity.” As a matter of fact, monsoon brings heavy showers pouring all day and strong tremendous winds to India. Hence, we have made umbrellas and raincoats with hoodies our companions during this season. Our so-called best friends follow us wherever we go. Need to stay dry all day? Well, now we have something called a “hands-free umbrella”. Read below to know more about this trending umbrella type. We have everything that you need.

Is a Hands Free Umbrella Useful?

Well, there are thousands of reasons why you should go for a hands free umbrella especially in India. Take a look at some of the reasons mentioned below.

  • Keeping your hands free for groceries: You may be heading home from a supermarket. Carrying a lot of bags in your hands after your done shopping and nobody to help you out in holding your umbrella to protect you from rain. This is the major reason you need a hands-free umbrella. It is wind-resistant as well. You won’t need anyone to hold the umbrella for you or struggle with the bags slipping off your hands as you won’t be holding the umbrella in your hands.
  • While getting into your car, a lot of baggage in your hands along with the stress of closing the umbrella. You don’t if you should shut the umbrella first or unlock the car first. You may tend to drop all your bags down while doing so. This will just get everything messy. A hands free umbrella will come to your rescue in this case. It can withstand very heavy showers too.
  • Have naughty kids on your hands? Parents having toddlers and small children who refuse to listen to you. A hands-free umbrella is like an angel saving you and your children from this disastrous rainfall and the strong winds. You need to hold their hands in order to prevent them from running. So with the help of a hands free umbrella, you will be able to hold your child’s hand easily. Parents of toddlers who need to carry their baby, this will be a great help to you. No hassle in holding the umbrella while you carry your child.
  • Good for small, restless children – If you’ve seen a naughty toddler up-close, you know that they are not going to hold an umbrella still. A hands free umbrella solves that problem. Just put the umbrella over their heads and let them have a frolicking time in the rain. The kids does not need to divert any attention to the umbrella and you know they will keep dry.

3 kinds of Hands Free Umbrella

Let’s explore some of the universally known, loved and used Hands Free Umbrella India. Here we have a list depicting 3 different types of hands-free umbrellas for you. Check out the one most suitable for you and your family as per your requirements.

Hat umbrella with canopy on the shoulder

Hands Free Umbrella with canopy on shoulder
Hat Umbrella with canopy on shoulder

A great hands free tool this monsoon to protect you from these heavy showers and strong winds. Check out the image below. This umbrella has a great creative design. It will save your clothes from getting wet. You will stay dry throughout. Your face may tend to get a little wet, but that’s okay as your clothes nice and dry. You can wipe your face with a tissue or handkerchief but not your clothes. Besides a great design, it is also very light, fold-able and easy to carry. The best option for this season.

Hat umbrella that fixes like a cap above your head

Hat Hands Free umbrella India
Hat umbrella

This umbrella has a strap keeping it firm to the head. The picture below shows what kind of umbrella it is and how it works to give you a feel of it. Very efficient as it is 100% hands-free, but it may fly off in the wind as it is not that strong as compared to the one mentioned above. It may also happen that this umbrella may be a little inconvenient to you because the canopy is not big enough. It is one of the best options for children.

Regular umbrellas with hand or arm loop

Regular umbrellas with hand or arm loop
A closer view of the loops

This is a windproof umbrella that can withstand the strong wind. The double layer material makes it more durable. The C shape loop leaves you hands-free when you are carrying your baby or using your mobile phone. It is proven to be self-standing on the ground when not in use. It is also convenient to close when you get in your car or inside your building. The only issue involved with this type of umbrella is that it is not 100% hands free like the ones mentioned above. The C shape loop will require your hand to cling on thus making it somewhat like an ordinary (or inverted) umbrella.

After careful consideration and analysis, we have ranked the top 2 of hands free umbrella India. Take a look at them both and see for yourself. Choose wisely!

Rank #1 Satyam Kraft Hat Hands-Free Umbrella

  • Affordable Price – This great hands-free tool by Satyam Kraft for rains is available on Amazon at an affordable price of around Rs. 350/-. Hence, you save a lot.
  • Pack-able to small size: It is fold-able and easy-to-carry. When folded it is pack-able into a small size thus being very compact and convenient for you to carry it around.
  • It looks cute: Available in bright and vivid colours and the whole look of the umbrella is cute. You will keep this umbrella for a long time, take it from me.
  • Light Weight: Very light in weight hence you can carry it around easily and will fit into your backpack or handbag without any hassle thus making room for your other things too.
  • Fun and hassle free for children: Neither you nor your child needs to hold this umbrella. Kids tend to get a little mischievous as they want to play, run about getting wet in the rain without using an umbrella. This umbrella does everything for you as it has a canopy covering your child’s head like a hoodie and covering the shoulders making it very convenient. So you and your child will stay completely dry as it will protect your clothes too.
  • Good Review Count & Quality feedback: This umbrella brand has achieved good review counts being 4.0 out of 5 stars and 6 good quality feedback.

Rank #2 NexisSundry Nylon Umbrella Hat

  • Great Price & Offers: Firstly, NexisSundry brand is affordable. Since 2 pieces are available for around Rs. 400/- on Amazon. Enjoy attractive offers this monsoon. 5 pieces are available for around Rs. 620 and 10 pieces are available for around Rs. 1,125.
  • UV Sun Protection: As an additional feature, it offers you good face UV protection. Thus, you won’t have to bother about the sun and harmful UV radiation.
  • Fun for children as it is available in vivid colours. The best part is that they don’t have to hold the umbrella. This umbrella will do everything for them as the strap will hold it tight to the child’s head.
  • May Fly Off in Strong Winds: You need to take a little care as it may come off in the strong wind. It is suitable and better for mild rain and mild wind. You may want to cover your head with a hanky before you put this on your head.
  • Small Canopy – The biggest disadvantage of this umbrella is its small canopy size. May work for children, but adults run the risk of getting wet.
  • High Review Count, but Quality Issues – This product has a high review count but many of them have mentioned about the quality issues experienced in using this. For ex. Some said that in a short span of time it displayed its real quality which is not up to the mark. The plastic material used is made of pathetic grade which is not up to the mark and will break in a day or two which is really sad and not worth it.

Hence, it is proved that Satyam Kraft UFO Hands Free Umbrella is the best option. Moreover, it’s an all-rounder and a perfect match to withstand these strong winds and heavy showers. Make it your companion this monsoon season and stay safe. We are not recommending any more products. Firstly, some are regular umbrellas with hand loop (which are not 100% hands free). Secondly, some umbrellas are hands-free umbrellas with low-quality feedback. Thus, no more product recommendations for now.

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