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Best Inverted Umbrella in India [2020]

Looking for the best inverted umbrella, you’ve come to the right place. Okay, so the umbrella has been re-imagined from scratch. Conventional umbrellas have many disadvantages. This design turns everything you have seen on it’s head. 10-20 years from now, you will people only with inverted umbrellas.

We live in Goa and shuttle to Mumbai a lot. If you live in these regions, you know that it rains for 3-4 months. You cannot stop your life while it rains. One has to move on with life, with some good rain gear.

Based on our experience, our criteria for rating the best inverted umbrella for India has been the following.

  • Durability & Sturdiness – When it rains for months on end, you don’t want your umbrella to break. You want it to be sturdy and durable for long use.
  • Best Value Price – In the end, it’s just an umbrella. You will only use it for a few minutes a day, so you don’t want it to burn a hole in your pocket. Also, you might need to buy 2-3 of these your your family.
  • Popularity – There are hundreds of products on Amazon that come and go. We’ve chosen the inverted umbrellas that have been around for some time and have been popular.

Rank #1: Shrevi Inverted Umbrella

  • Best durability reports. People have been using this for long periods
  • Little expensive, but better than ending up with a broken umbrella
  • Good number of reviews & customers shows that this product is very popular

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Rank #2: Shoppozone Inverted Umbrella

  • Good durability reports, with some reports of breakage. These could be off cases, in the end they are all made of plastic
  • Cheaper, may be considered for lighter use like say getting in and out of your car during a rainy day
  • High number of reviews & customers show that its a popular product, but that could also be because its cheaper and gets purchased more

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Rank #3: Prosmart Inverted Umbrella

  • Decent durability reports, with some reports of breakage
  • Moderately price
  • Highest number of reviews & customers, but there are some complaints about breakage. One has to always take this with a pinch of salt since breakages do happen
  • One of the first inverted umbrellas in the Indian market

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Conventional Umbrella gets you wet

In a conventional umbrella, the side of the canopy that gets wet is what you hold on it. When you close the umbrella, water drips on you. You have to hold the wet side when you fold it. And then, when you put the umbrella down on a table or a chair, it wets that surface also. Usually, people leave their conventional umbrellas in buckets or out to dry after use and then you have to remember to pick them up. I have misplaced numerous umbrellas like this.

This is not how an umbrella should be in the 21st century. There has to be a better way!

Inverted Umbrella Always keeps you dry

The wet side of the canopy of the inverted umbrella folds towards the inside, keeping you dry always. No water drips on you while you are closing the inverted umbrella. When you fold the inverted umbrella, the water collects in and you can drain it easily without wetting you. Once you drain it, you can put the umbrella on a chair or a table and it will not wet that surface. Any little excess water droplets remaining will naturally dry out without worry.

How an inverted umbrella works

Getting into the car in heavy rains

Imagine that it’s pouring. You are running towards your car under your umbrella, trying not to get your business suit wet before that meeting. You open the door of the car, try to get in, but the water from your umbrella drenches you. Also, you have to wait for those 10-20 seconds with the door of your car wide open and you are getting wet from the rain. Now, your suit is ruined.

With an inverted umbrella, that will never ever happen again. You can shut the door of the car almost all the way. Your inverted umbrella shuts upwards. Now you take the umbrella down and drain any excess water out and shut your car door. The inverted umbrella just saved your sassy business suit.

If you have a car, you should also check our review of the best car umbrella in India. This is a actually a big-ass umbrella under which you can fix on top of your car. How cool is that?

The Inverted Umbrella is Hands Free (for coffee)

When you are walking, do you really need one hand busy just with your umbrella. You have your hand bag or your phone in one had and the umbrella in the other. Now, how do you reach for the car keys or the door?

The inverted umbrella comes with a C shape handle which you can fix around your arm. Now easily walk around with that coffee, phone or child. Both your hands are free. Again, the inverted umbrella comes to rescue.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you have to buy an umbrella today, the best bet is to buy an inverted umbrella. Remember that before you buy, look for

  • Durability & sturdiness
  • Value for money
  • Popularity

Also, the monsoon is a great time of the year. The rain brings a lot of joy to me personally, I am sure to other people too. Kids have the most fun during the monsoon with their cool kiddy umbrellas. You must make it a point to enjoy the monsoons. We’ve published a great pre-monsoon checklist, do have a look.

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