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Best Reverse Umbrella in India – Expert Review [2020]

Looking for the best reverse umbrella, you’ve come to the right place. Like most things in the 21st century, the umbrella has been re-imagined. To be honest, conventional umbrellas suck in many ways. But, this revolutionary new design turns everything you have seen on its head. Decade or two later, you will people only with reverse umbrellas.

We live in western India. If you are familiar with the region, you know that it rains for June through September. Not light rain. It rains every day, almost all day. Life has to move on despite the rain, which it does thanks to great rain gear like the reverse umbrella.

How to Choose the Best Reverse Umbrella

We’ve tried a lot of umbrellas and we feel that following are the key criteria with you are trying to buy an umbrella:

  • Good Build Quality – It rains for months on end, you don’t want your umbrella to break in the middle of the season. You want it to be strong and last a season or two. Your umbrella goes through a lot of wear and tear. You open it in a hurry when its raining and you close it. If there are gusty winds, the build quality of you umbrella is going to get tested. You might throw the umbrella in you bag with a 100 things. With all this, the umbrella needs to be strong and withstand rough use.
  • Not cheap, but not super expensive either – I would not recommend that you buy cheap umbrellas with cost Rs. 200. Many mass market manufacturers are trying to cut down prices, but this comes at a cost of quality. I have seen many umbrellas being so low quality that they break with just a week or two of use. But you don’t want them to be very expensive ones either. You will probably buy 2-3 umbrellas for the family and you don’t want a Rs. 2000 umbrella bill. They also get lost often.
  • Popular. It’s been around – There are thousands of umbrellas on Amazon that come and go. We’ve chosen the reverse umbrellas that have been around for some time, have been purchased by enough customers and have been popular. We might test them enough, but it is important to see how the experience of a large number of people has been. It goes back to the six-sigma philosophy of defects per million. It could be that the one we tested was a good one, but when the company ships out a million umbrellas, a high percentage are defective.

Rank #1: Shrevi Reverse Umbrella

  • Best build quality reports: People have been using this for long periods and have reported that they are satisfied with the product. We didn’t see too many comments reporting that the umbrella broke after a few weeks.
  • Little on the expensive side, but better than ending up with a broken umbrella. As discussed before, umbrellas are used in a rough manner. Hence you should not buy super-cheap or super expensive ones. This reverse umbrella is well priced and might last you 2-3 seasons
  • Good number of reviews & customers is proof that this product is very popular

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Rank #2: Shoppozone Reverse Umbrella

  • Good build quality reports, but some reports of breakage. These could be off cases, in the end they are all made of plastic and is used roughly. Because of these reports, we have rated this reverse umbrella as Rank #2.
  • Cheaper, may be considered for lighter use like say getting in and out of your car during a rainy day. The low price could overshadowed by the low-use factor if it applied to you
  • High number of reviews & customers show that its a popular product, but that could also be because it less expensive and gets purchased more

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Rank #3: Prosmart Reverse Umbrella

  • Decent build quality reports, with some reports of breakage
  • Moderately priced, you can easily buy two for the household
  • Highest number of reviews & customers, but there are some complaints about breakage. One has to always take this with a pinch of salt since breakages do happen
  • These was the company that launched reverse umbrellas in India

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Disadvantage of Conventional Umbrella

It gets you wet! In a conventional umbrella, the side of the canopy that gets wet is what you hold on it. When you close the umbrella, water drips on you. You have to hold the wet side when you fold it.

And, when you are done using the umbrella, you cannot keep it on the table or chair since that surface will also get wet. You have to keep it out in the balcony or bucket to dry up. I am not sure if its me, but whenever I leave them there, I end up forgetting them.

Advantage: Reverse Umbrella Always keeps you dry

The wet side of the canopy of the reverse umbrella folds towards the inside, keeping you dry always. When you fold the umbrella, the water collects in the canopy. You can drain it easily in a place where you want to without wetting you. The surface that you now hold once the reverse umbrella is shut, is fully dry.

Also, you can easily keep the reverse umbrella on a table or a chair without any fear of wetting that surface. The excess droplets of water dry up in a few minutes and you have clean experience without any hassle. That’s how your stuff should be in the 21st century.

How an inverted umbrella works

Advantage: Getting into the car in heavy rains

Imagine that it’s pouring. You are running towards your car under your umbrella, trying not to get your business suit before that important meeting. You open the door of the car, try to get in. The door of your car is fully open because your umbrella is still outside the car. You shut the umbrella and all the water falls on your suit. Then, your sleeves get wetter from the rain while you shit the door of the car.

The reverse umbrella comes to your rescue in a situation like this. You can get in the car and shut your door almost all the way in. Then, shut the reverse umbrella and carefully drain the excess water outside and shut your car. The reverse umbrella is dry from outside so you can keep it on the car seat without worry.

If you have a car, you should also check our review of the best car umbrella in India

Advantage: The Reverse Umbrella is Hands Free

When you are walking, do you really need one hand busy just with your umbrella. What if you are holding a cup of coffee or your phone or carrying a child. The reverse umbrella comes with a C shape handle which you can fix around your arm. Now you have both your hands free while the reverse umbrella is still protecting you. You can reach for your car keys or the door without hassle.

Advantage: It’s a Head Turner

This is from my experience using the reverse umbrella for some time. Every time you open or close the thing with people around, you always get a few inquisitive looks. People have not seen this before and the design concept is such that when people see it in action the penny drops instantly. And usually, these are situations where every one is the “rain mode”, either getting into a building or getting out.

It is fun to see the look on their faces that says “Wow! that’s noble. Why didn’t I think of this before”. So, if you enjoy some attention, its a tangential advantage of this umbrella for sure.

Disadvantage of Reverse Umbrella – It’s Size

The one disadvantage of the reverse umbrella is it’s size. The design is such that no manufacturer has been able to come up with a compact reverse umbrella. Small size is a very good feature to have in an umbrella if you want to throw it in your handbag and not worry about it. This is something that reverse umbrellas cannot achieve. On using reverse umbrellas for a couple of years, I feel the compactness is the only feature I miss.

In conclusion, if one has to buy an umbrella today, the best bet is to buy a reverse umbrella. Remember, look for build quality, economical price and popularity when you are buying one. Here is a list of all reverse umbrellas on Amazon:

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