Lanmodo Car Umbrella is NOT a Good Buy in India for its Price

The best car umbrella should protect your car from the heavy rainfall and gusty winds this monsoon. I’m sure most of you have the Lanmodo car umbrella in mind. But wait, hold on. As a matter of fact, Lanmodo car umbrella is not a good buy in India due to its price. In this article, let’s focus on the Lanmodo Car umbrella and see the reasons not to buy it. A car umbrella is an accessory that protects your car from the direct sunlight and dust, besides rainfall and wind. With so many brands of car umbrellas, how to choose the best one? Well, let us discuss this in detail.

Lanmodo Car Umbrella NOT good for its price

Why Do I Recommend Against the Lanmodo Car Umbrella?

If you ask me, should I go for the Lanmodo Car umbrella? My answer would straightaway be NO. Although Lanmodo is the world-class leader in car umbrellas, it’s just not worth buying. There are numerous reasons as to why not to opt for this specific car umbrella. I have penned down some of these in order to guide you.

High Price

The main reason or factor for not opting for Lanmodo car umbrella is its high price. There exist products that offer the same functionality and possess the same features as Lanmodo. But, at a lesser price. These products are available in the range of 7-8K, whereas the mightly Lanmodo is available for 20K. A big difference right. That’s exactly how I felt after researching and comparing the Lanmodo brand with the others. Who would want to purchase an expensive car umbrella offering the same features? I’m sure no one would do that.

Lanmodo Car Umbrella Unavailable on Amazon

Yes, exactly. You read this right. The Lanmodo car umbrella is not available on Amazon. Firstly, this indicates that you won’t receive it in time. They won’t deliver it fast enough to you. Secondly, it is difficult to pay for. You won’t have the payment facility that is usually provided by Amazon. By payment facility, I mean the various payment options that Amazon usually provides. Thirdly, what if the car umbrella is not working on receiving it? What if it’s defective? Returning it would be a problem. You can’t afford to keep it as a showpiece if it is not working.

Not a Good Buying Experience on Indiamart

Some people are selling the Lanmodo car umbrella products via Indiamart. But, hold on. You can’t compare Indiamart to Amazon. Not just in terms of the shopping experience, but many more reasons. First of all, you won’t receive this product on time. You won’t even be able to track your order sometimes. Secondly, many people have complained that you need to pay a premium of around 20-25K to use it. They make fake promises. In addition to this, they have stated that it’s a waste of time. The customer care is pathetic. They leave almost all your questions unanswered. You’re in big trouble if you shop on Indiamart.


A car umbrella being automatic would usually be an advantage. But, in the case of the Lanmodo car umbrella, it isn’t. Let me tell you why. As a matter of fact, automatic means it could break down at any moment. Ever thought about this? Who’s going to fix it if it breaks down? Further, the automatic feature makes it overpriced.

Lanmodo car umbrella not worth

Lanmodo Car Umbrella Needs Charging

Seriously? Who wants to charge a car umbrella or for that matter any type of umbrella. With so many appliances to charge in a day, who has time to charge a car umbrella? This Lanmodo car umbrella has a battery that needs to be charged regularly. Just doesn’t make sense. It requires charging due to the auto-close functionality, thus too much hassle. Don’t be under the impression that you need to charge it just once or twice. You need to charge it more often than you think. Thus, you will dump it soon.

No Service

I did some research on the servicing of the Lanmodo car umbrella. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even find 1 source that could help me with the same. Not even one service network to service this specific car umbrella. I believe none of you would want to be stuck in a situation where you buy it and then repent. That too, for a high price. As I said earlier, purchasing it and keeping it as a showpiece won’t do you any good. Don’t blame yourself later for your own glitch.

The Metal Lamination Car Shield

Now that you have seen the reasons why the Lanmodo car umbrella is not worth the price. Here is an alternative for you. If a car umbrella offers you the same specifications at an economical price then it is a bonus. A car umbrella by the “Metal Lamination” brand is the winner. It is the best of all. Consider buying this car umbrella to protect your car from rains, gusty winds, sun, and dust.

Metal Lamination Car Shield best car umbrella
  • Great Quality Product at an Affordable Price: This car umbrella is available at a price of around Rs. 7,000. Thus, making it a reasonable product. It offers the same specifications as that of the Lanmodo car umbrella. Further, the quality of this product is not compromised. This indicates that the product is good in spite of the price being cheaper.
  • Easy To Install: The Metal Lamination car umbrella is easy to install and easy to take off too. The installation won’t take you more than 30-40 seconds. Follow the steps below in order to install it correctly without any hassle.
    • 1: Take out the folder car umbrella and gently stretch it.
    • 2: Insert the umbrella stick into the slot and lock it.
    • 3: Place the umbrella on the top of the car and get the 2 straps through the front and back door. After this, tighten them up.
    • 4: Use the extra straps to connect the corners of the car umbrella to the fender flares of the car. This will be of great help when it is windy.
  • Anti Theft: The Lanmodo car umbrella is equipped with the anti-theft feature. This extra security measure includes windproof straps and tie-downs. Definitely, in a country like India, there will be someone or the other who is going to steal it. Since. the straps of the umbrella go inside your car, it is very hard to steal it. Until and unless you have not locked your car, it is very easy to come and steal it.
  • Highest Number of Reviews on Amazon: Yes, this product has received the best and highest number of reviews on Amazon. Mainly, this is due to its strong build. Secondly, most of the customers stated that this umbrella fits perfectly in their car. I read through all the reviews to ensure they were not fake. You can install and operate it single-handedly. It just takes them 30 seconds to install it and 20 seconds to take off.

Now that you have seen that the Lanmodo car umbrella is highly-priced, keep this out of the list. Without a second thought, you should purchase the Metal Lamination car umbrella. It keeps your car nice and comfortable as soon as you enter. Moreover, this works wonders at an affordable price. If you want to keep your hands free for groceries and have naughty kids at hand, read the best hands free umbrella in India. This will protect you from the heavy rainfall and gusty winds.

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