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Smallest Umbrella in India that fits in Handbag [2020]

Looking for the smallest umbrella in India, you’ve come to the right place. I live in the western region of India which gets a lot of rain for 3-4 months during the monsoon season and an umbrella is an absolute must. A very key consideration for choosing an umbrella is how small can it fold down to. If it is very small and compact, it can fit anywhere. Women can easily carry their umbrella in their bag (along with half the universe that’s in there), men can carry it in the side pockets of their backpacks and someone could even carry these compact umbrellas in their pockets.

16.5 cm or 6.5 inches is Pretty Small

Umbrella manufacturers first came up with 3-fold umbrellas which brought the size down quite a bit. But now, manufacturers have come out with 5 fold umbrella which brings down the size further. The umbrella folds down to only 16.5 cm or 6.5 inches in length. That is only slightly longer than a pint size bottle of beer. Can you keep a pint of beer in your handbag? Yeah, for sure. So, there you have it, the smallest umbrella in India is just 6.5 inches with 21 inches diameter when open and its Popy’s 5-Fold Umbrella.

Checkout this video where the umbrella is shown to be a little bigger than a pen.

Rank #1 : Poppy Nylon 5-fold Umbrella is the Smallest Umbrella in India

  • Closed Length – 16.5 cm when it is folded and
  • Weight: 220 gm in weight, which is also pretty light
  • Open Coverage Diameter: 53.5cm, which is bigger than most 3-fold umbrella. So, when you are under this umbrella, you are not going to feel like the canopy is small.
  • Open/Close button
  • Sun Protections Silver coating which saves you from the harmful effects of the sun and makes it cooler under the umbrella
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminium frame which make it sturdy but light
  • 9 Colours – You can buy this umbrella in 9 colours. Don’t go by the images so much, they are not clicked well. But the umbrella looks good, we can vouch for that.
  • Positive customer feedback – Good number of positive reviews by customers

Rank #2 : Esprit Manual Mini Petito Umbrella

  • Smallest – This is actually the smallest umbrella in India with only 15.7cm length when fully closed. That is just 6 inches.
  • Chic Design – The look of the umbrella is also pretty good with gradient dots. It also carries a brand name which adds to the appeal
  • Manual open/close – That’s a negative. At this price, we would want to see an auto open/close button which is lacking in this umbrella.
  • High Price – At almost Rs. 1,600, this is a pricey umbrella. It does give you the advantage of flaunting a brand though.
  • Good Customer Feedback, but few – The product has very few reviews as of now (probably because it is new), but the customers who have bought have not complaints other than the price.

Some Other Notable Mentions

There were some other small umbrellas out there, but none had the kind of reviews counts and quality feedback from customers for us to make a strong recommendation apart from the above. We only want to make recommendations for products that are proven in the market so that our readers have the best experience. That said, here are some notable mentions:

Also, I must mention here that a compact umbrella is a great choice, but you should also consider inverted umbrellas that are available these days. They may not be as compact, but have are designed to keep you dry even after use.

What to look for in a Compact Umbrella

As they say, its not all about the size. It is one thing to boast that the smallest umbrella in India is 6 or 7 inches, but even if it were 10 inches, it does not make too much of a difference to a normal user of an umbrella. It’s not a small contest. The compactness might give you an advantage that the umbrella is very portable, but a 10 inch umbrella might have some other qualities. Here are some you should look for in a good compact umbrella.

  • Auto Open Close – Let’s face it, we live in the automatic world. You want your umbrella to open with the press of a button. You will be surprised to see how many umbrellas lack this basic feature.
  • Good Build Quality – In the monsoons, your umbrella could take some pretty severe conditions with gusty winds and what not. Look for a strong frame which does not upturn with wind.
  • Open Canopy size – Small is okay when closed, but when the umbrella is open, you want it to cover you well.
  • UV Protection – If you have this, you could use your umbrella is sunny conditions also.
  • Free Cover or Pouch – The biggest pro of a compact umbrella is that you can keep it in the handbag, but you can’t do that if its wet. That’s where the free pouch or cover comes in to handy.

Enjoy the Monsoons & Take Care

Also, the monsoon is a great time of the year. The rain brings a lot of joy to me personally, I am sure to other people too. You must make it a point to enjoy the monsoons. We’ve published a great pre-monsoon checklist, do have a look.

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